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Post  ivantank on Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:16 am

Are you fond of Ninjas and action packed flash games involving chakra, ninja skills, genjutsu, taijutsu and other stuff like the Naruto anime? Well, then you Might be playing or you Might Want playing Ninja Saga from up or other "social media networking sites. Aside from Mafia Wars, I loved playing this game Also the which I first found Pls I saw someone from the office That Is playing it During Their free time.

This is the reason why I searched for cool tricks, cheats and tips earnest That help me with my current level up Ninja character.


1. cheat engine 5.6.1
2. mozilla or something!

Tutorial Cheat Ninja Saga gold Permanent:
ns BKA completed claim rewards,, jgn TPI taken dlo claim reward'a
BKA ce plih "plugin container.exe" who scans the money you okay pu'a 8 bytes
nnti xxxx78 value will come out,, gnti with xxxxac .. if adrss who come out akhir'a gnti DNG 7c 9c,, TPI kdang2 timeout gold you scan your address okay 8bytes kluar'a akhir'a 7c truss kmu yg jdi gnti 9c value results 'a strange jdi! MKA brhti careful!
nnti value'a akn jdi lvl kmu,, jdi value'a gnti 750000000
take reward'a claim and wait!
if kmu dpet gold,, ns kmu akn sperti flashing (do not refresh). jgn worried that tanda'a cheat'a work if dpet'a xp refresh ns'a akn,, CBA lgi bsok cheat'a
while getting gold ns kmu akn sprti blink (do not refresh), TPI jgn worried that tanda'a cheat'a work,, BKA Bru ns in reply tab, which tab ns'a blink in close aja jgn refresh ns'a.
ns who play on the tab Bru,, see gold kmu dri akn air more mnjdi 2milyar MINTA CENDOL kalo WORK

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